Since June 2004 we have represented MiniTec – a manufacturer of alloy profile systems.

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We offer a wide selection of profiles and components, whose applications are limitless:


  • Conveyors
  • Workbenches
  • Transport systems
  • Machine-protecting devices
  • Pick+Place
  • Housings for machines and devices
  • Uni- and multi-axle line slideways
  • Assembly devices
  • Optical image converters…

All profiles in our system have an identical assembly bottom runner to ensure they are perfectly compatible. We use standard screws and caps to make our system particularly cost-effective.

There are several dimensions, showing all the possible uses:

  • Light-weight construction profiles for economical solutions
  • Closed profiles for exigent design criteria or strict hygiene requirements
  • Heavy profiles with a consolidated pneumatic system, inserted belt drives and rolling or gliding slideways

Our software naturally complements the structures we create. All design (construction) and execution requirements are completely fulfilled. The combination of structural elements and software offers the potential for rational, flexible and cost-effective machine construction. Finish your structure in record-breaking time with CADmenu by MiniTec, adapted to suit AutoCAD or iCAD software.

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